[T3] turn signals/brake lights

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 17:13:16 PST 2017

Last night, Jessica signaled a left turn. The green indicator lights flashed a few times and then we heard a pop as the fuse blew. Since we were close to our destination, we crossed our fingers and replaced the fuse only for the same thing to happen when signaling another left turn. This morning, we went to test things out figuring that we’d replace the fuse and then see what other conditions would blow the fuse (right turns too, headlights on/off, etc.) and of course now the turn signals have been fine all day regardless of left/right or anything else. 

But……now the brake lights are on full time on both sides!

Related events or coincidence? 

I’ve been reading around and I’m inclined to think that it’s one or both switches. Other than plugging/unplugging power to the switches and seeing if the lights go off, is there another test? A few years ago, we replaced both when applying the brakes blew the fuse. 

FWIW, the brake indicator light functions as it should when I press it, I’m using DOT 4, and it has always taken a heavy application of the pedal to get the brake lights to come on. Generally, when sitting at a stop light, the brake lights don’t come on….only if I press harder than is comfortable while sitting at a light. Not sure that this means anything. 

As always, any insight is welcome!

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