[T3] cool weather idle hunt

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 11:36:44 PST 2017

> I assume you've checked all the connections around the engine,
> including on the generator. Also check the tightness of all the
> connections under the backseat: battery, VR, FI power relay. Make
> sure the FI relay attaching screw is tight. Check both ends of the
> battery ground strap. Make sure the battery posts stick up above the
> tops of the battery clamps. Check the wire from the battery +
> terminal to the VR and the + terminal to the FI relay. Don't remove
> and replace those connectors, just wiggle them to make sure they are
> snug.

I've checked these things before, but I can do it again. No harm in
that and it's been a few weeks.

> The AAR can't open and close rapidly, unless the adjustment screw has
> come loose or fallen out (not good, because you have to wonder where
> it went.) But it can get sticky and not respond to temp as it should.

I think I'll pull the AAR and see if the screw is still there. If it
fell out, at least I have an external oil filter....

> I'm assuming that you don't hear relays clicking when you have this
> idle problem. If you do, that's a VERY important clue.

No clicking or any other funny noises.

> Does this problem appear ONLY at idle and never appear to cause
> jerkyness while driving? Seems pretty odd, but this has certainly
> been the "poster car" for odd problems.

Yes, this problem definitely only happens at idle. Zero jerkiness or
anything else under any other driving conditions. That's partly why I
didn't post about it for a while, but now it's suddenly gotten more
acute and I haven't enjoyed stalling in traffic.

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