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I have  noticed, though, that this hunt ALWAYS happens when driving in 
traffic with  the headlights on: thus it mostly happens at night or on rainy or 
snowy days.  It SOMETIMES happens under other conditions, but I haven’t 
logged enough of  them to report back anything of interest. 

I have a little cigarette  lighter voltage meter and I’ve plugged it in 
during this hunt but haven’t seen  any voltage numbers I haven’t seen before. 
With the headlights on in traffic,  the voltage can drop as low as 11.5 but 
it comes back up to about 13.8 or more  once I get back on the gas which has 
long been the case.

This definitely sounds like low voltage, especially at idle (11.5V)  and 
will cause running issues on it's own.
Dan, do you drive a lot of city streets? Meaning low engine speeds.  If so, 
you might want to look into getting an alternator for your car. I only  say 
that as the generator doesn't start making electricity until you get to  
about 1500 rpms. And if you're doing a lot of "idling" or low engine speed  
driving, you're then waiting until the rpms to come up for the system to 
"catch  up". The combination of the headlights on, and the wipers on could be 
drawing  just enough extra, that the system is having a hard time keeping up. 
This is  especially true at low engine speeds.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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