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New  theory: my lope/hunt a few minutes after cold start and the 
intermittent low  lope when warm are caused by the same thing, the AAR. Could it be so 
that the  AAR is too open when cold and intermittently closes too much when 
warm so that  my base idle setting will all of a sudden be too low for the 
more closed AAR?  And that when the AAR opens up a wee bit more my idle 
comes back?

I  guess I’m wondering if that’s mechanically possible or sounds at all  
Yes and No. Yes the AAR can cause the loping idle when warm, but,  that's 
only because the AAR is almost closed. Usually the loping idle is  swinging 
from bumping up to the 1400 rpm rev limit, and dropping off to around  750 to 
800 rpms (just bouncing between the 2). A low idle loping sounds like  
something is off in the timing or elsewhere. 
Now, if the AAR is not closing fully, the idle speed will still be higher  
than normal, and if the idle speed was set while the AAR was still open it's 
 possible that when the valve closes (your intermittent low idle), that you 
would  see a low idle condition. Personally, I've never run into this 
situation, as  mine has always been too high of an idle speed.
I don't know if this helps or not.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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