[T3] cool weather idle hunt

Phil Hof phil.hof at ostronic.org
Wed Jan 11 15:04:18 PST 2017

Loose connections are not always affected by wiggling.  My injector connection was temperature-dependent, yet wiggling didn’t do much.  It depends on the nature of the failure.  A broken wire will respond to wiggling, as the internal strands make or break contact.  Mine was a loose edge curl on the female connector inside the plastic housing.  As it warmed up, expansion made proper contact.  Wiggling when cold almost never made it right.  Taking it apart and GENTLY tightening the rolls made it work right.  Then I got the 45 year old message and later replaced it with a new harness.

So I wouldn’t discount harness issues, or even intermittents inside a temp sensor (which wire wiggling won’t cure, either).


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