[T3] cool weather idle hunt (Daniel Nohejl)

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Mon Jan 16 17:22:14 PST 2017

you dont want 100 ohms in series with the head temp sensor,
your computer will never think that the car has warmed up and it will
run too rich.  the air temp sensor has much less effect, and will richen
things about 10% if unplugged, it shouldnt have much of an effect.


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> I never liked that screw arrangement. Tightening a flat screw head to a
curved surface just seems wrong. But what choice do we have?  Maybe  a
warped star washer might help?
> I am still wondering if you have a bad temp sensor that is failing

If it matters, at one point last month I tried adding a 100 ohm resistor in
line with the CHTS and the warm idle lope still occurred. My understanding
is that the other temp sensor doesn't matter below a certain number of ohms,
but I could be wrong. Generally, if I've ever unplugged the intake air temp
sensor, the idle gets quite high as the mixture gets richer but I haven't
tried unplugging it during the warm lope. 


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