[T3] Heaps of T-3 Parts....

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 15:25:12 PST 2017

The end is looming for my multi-year Squareback career.  Two Very Stripped (and un-fixable due to massive rust) parts cars (a '72 and '73) in yard destined for metal recycling.Parts for me on-road '71 are getting more and more impossible, or unaffordable, to find...and auto shops that even know which end has the engine are rare to invisible...at least on the East Coast.
So....any advice on what to do with the Plentiful Supply of T-3 parts I have?  What does that include?   Well, everything that can come off the cars...windows, fenders, bumpers, flywheels, starters, generators, fuel pumps, steering dampers, mirrors, light lenses and light assemblies, fuel filters, coils, brake cylinders, pedals, fuel tanks, dashboard things (clocks, odometers etc), glove compartments, seatbelts, mirrors, door cranks, heater boxes, clutch and accelerator cables, engine tin, torsion bars, a crankshaft or two, and on and on.   This is about Philadelphia Pa...and that tri-state area....for any reasonable pick up...with a good sized van or pick-up.   I don't want to give it away...but, whatever's below or near a Going Rate.
   Or, it gets welded all together into Corporate Art or something.

Trying to sell and ship individual parts would be an unwanted New Career.     
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