[T3] Insurance for our old type 3's

Dave rdavid at rochester.rr.com
Tue Mar 14 14:37:52 PDT 2017

There is a BIG difference between collector car insurance ( Hagerty, Grundy
) and regular car insurance for our daily drivers.


Collector car insurance insures for an AGREED value for your ride, whereas
your daily drivers are insured for replacement costs. ( I guarantee you the
replacement cost on a 50 year old VW with undocumented mileage is not very

If you want to insure your ride for $20k - you can with CC insurance, and
they will talk with you to understand and agree to the value you came to.
And of course they want new photos of your car.  And CC insurance is way
cheaper than your daily driver insurance.


Collector car insurance also requires you have an insured daily driver, and
that your collector car is garaged under lock and key when stored at home.
And Hagerty has no issue with our squareback driving all over the country to
our Invasions.

Dave Pallo

'72 Square ~ Elwood

Fairport, New York



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