[T3] Odd leak

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In the rust belt, thats where they rot.  Some moron decided to put a little
piece of wax impregnated foam way up in he corner of the front fenders in
the top of the rear on the late cars, to keep the dirt out. Well, that
absorbs the salt and holds the salt IN.  they all rot quickly up there, and
after an additional 30 years of service in the heaven of no salt, they are
probably starting to rot thru up there as well.  The fender mount bolts can
also have bad seals on them and leak, as well as rust thru the seam between
the fender and the front cowl.


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Well, it rained an inch today and my 71 has a leak.  It appears to be
coming from the leading edge of the fuel filler are of the fender.  Is this
possible?  It was wet down the footwell wall right below filler area.


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