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Well, it  rained an inch today and my 71 has a leak.  It appears to be
coming  from the leading edge of the fuel filler are of the fender.  Is  
possible?  It was wet down the footwell wall right below filler  area.

Since the car was repainted before you got it, I'd bet someone left  out 
the D19 tape. That keeps water from running down the fuel filler door  release 
cable, as well as the inner rear fender screws. You might be able to see  
if there's any that squeezed out where the cable bolts onto the sheet metal. 
If  it's clean of sealer, or has water dripping from the cable you've found 
your  leak. Also, don't dismiss the windshield seal leaking in the lower 
corner(s),  where someone might have removed the tape that covers the paint 
drain holes, as  the water will run into the defrost corner pieces, and then 
down to the  floor.
Just a couple of places to look. Oh yeah, on the Samba, there should  also 
be a "leak" check location guide that Russ posted there years ago, to  help 
t-3 owners as well as other VW owners. I think it's accessible thru the  
tech section.
I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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