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I daily  drive my ’69 on primitive NYC roads, streets, and highways. 
Whenever I have  anything like what you describe, I check the upper torsion arm 
adjustment. If  it’s loose, I adjust it. If that’s okay, or if adjusting doesn
’t improve  things, I move on to tie rod ends. The last two times this 
happened, it was a  bad outer tie rod end. Back in November or December, it was 
my left outer. Now  my right outer is bad and I feel a shimmy in the wheel 
on bumps and certain  turns. If I tug on the tire, the tie rod end “jumps” a 
bit up and down in it’s  socket. There’s also a bit of slack in the 
steering wheel when turning to the  right. I just haven’t replaced it yet b/c then 
I have to get an alignment  which isn’t a straightforward procedure out 

I know I’m not one  of the Meisters on this list, but this has been my 
experience in the last 5  years and 50k+ miles or driving. 
You might not be 1 of the "Meisters" here, but what you typed above  was 
right on target. Plus, anyone who is willing to drop an engine on the  streets 
of NYC in the middle of winter to fix a problem is a hero to me.  Too damn 
cold for me to do that anymore (I use a garage). ;-)

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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