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This is not for squareback, but I have a break-related question since you
are obviously and expert...for 70 type 2...brakes fine coming to gradual
stop but going down a hill I had to suddenly brake and it jerked suddenly
to left.  Brakes adjusted and fluid bled.  Ideas?

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 8:58 AM, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:

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> On 27 Mar 2017 at 22:43, J. Jonik wrote:
> > Q.   Any way to determine best of old, out-of-car master brake
> > cylinders to use to replace one that's obviously bad...leaky, etc.?
> > Awkward, messy job...don't want to just try one, then another, and so
> > on.
> Yes, take each one apart. Inspect the 5 seals in each one for wear on the
> lip.
> Hone the bore and then feel for pits in the steel. Clean everything out and
> replace what needs to be replaced.
> >    I may have 6 or more cylinders...all removed from cars ages ago
> > when the cylinders worked just fine.  A couple cylinders are in thin
> > plastic bags, one actually has silvery metal still on it....not just
> > rusty and greasy.
> MCs which have been allowed to sit around with old brake fluid in them are
> almost never good candidates for reuse. In rare cases they can be rebuilt,
> but most of the time the exposure to air has caused excessive rust in the
> bore. You're asking to play musical chairs with MCs. This is probably a
> worse practice than the one you warn against in the paragraph below.
> > PS:  Safe Driving Advice: A defunct master cylinder still stops the
> > car...but nothing like it should. One is forced to keep safe distance
> > from cars in front and to avoid any situation where a sudden stop
> > might be needed.   This is BAD safe driving advice, but...working so
> > far.
> Okay, you've been careful and lucky so far. What about tomorrow? I
> understand frugality, but at some point it becomes foolish.
> If you want, you can send me several MCs. I can inspect them and rebuild
> the best one (or more than one if you like.) My terms for doing this are
> that I
> get to keep any parts that I've taken apart, cleaned, and inspected, but
> didn't
> use. Anything I didn't touch gets returned to you, along with the
> rebuild(s)
> you paid for.
> Note that the best candidate for rebuilding is the one that's been in
> recent
> service.
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