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If  everything is in order, grounds, good bulbs, switch working, the key is 
the  sun at your back.

In southern California, Las Vegas, and the desert,  when the sun is shining 
on or through a vehicles rear light lens; it is  difficult to notice them.

This is especially true about the newer  vehicles. They concentrate the 
light so well that sometimes they appear on all  the time. You cannot see the 
brake lamp when activated.

I am certain  the designs passed with flying colors in the test lab.

What I am saying  is you might be chasing a problem that does not exist.

All you can do  is drive defensively and attempt to keep people off your 
tale when in that sun  condition.

Brion S
Brion brings up, makes a good point. It might not really be a problem on  
your end, but what other drivers have been conditioned to seeing. You could  
replace your bulbs, and probably still have a visit from the same officer. I 
do  agree with Brion, in that even some newer cars have a similar issue 
depending on  sun light levels. All that really means is you (and everyone 
else) should be  paying more attention to traffic flow, and what others are 
doing around you. 
Keep in mind that ALL of my vehicles are using standard bulbs like what  
they came with. The exception being my 65 Notch, as that was converted from 6  
volt to 12 volt, and the entire lighting system was improved by that 
change. But  even still, I've never had an issue where my lights weren't bright 
enough,  including when my generator was failing, and I've also driven that 
car across  several states in varying times of day. 

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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