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Ive got gas milage records going back to 1984 on my first Square, and Bob is
right, 3-4MPG less today than it got 30 years ago. Someday Ill plot the
data.  When I first drove the Crate, it was untouched from about 1989 when
it was last driven, it ran terrible, missing under any load...  way too high
gas mileage...  I jetted it up, I forget... 2 jet sizes? Sean can check the
records with the car but that and increasing the cycle of the accelerator
pump brought it back to running properly on the modern Ethanol with the Flat
top pistons.  With the domies... it would not start hot no matter what I
did, vaporlocked.  So there was quite a change over stock to run properly on
todays gas.  Ive slowly riched up the FI Square too, as they have changed
things but its not all Ethanol as Bob stated, as my cars run about the same
with the Nonthenol I can get locally.  I generally only fill the tank with
Nonthenol when they are put up for the winter, like NOW...  NO Football last
night so they salted us up in spots last night, clear cloud-free skies and
they were out playing with their new toys, the Brining trucks.

Sorry, when they Brine, I whine!


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The  trouble is after they decided to water down the fuel and over a long  
enough period of time since they have added more and more % wise it's  
difficult  tell what these cars ran like on old gas.

I'm all  for not not pumping poison into the air and land . The ethonal 
lasts  about three months or less in a fuel tank , either you drive enough 
use  it which doesn't sit well  and I've read at less than 10% it doesn't  
reduce certain exhaust emissions as we were told.

I  don't have the option of buying even a good used car and I don't drive  
very much . I have no idea if my 73 runs rich or lean it certainly does  
get great MPG in this stop and go traffic I have to deal with. Each  year 
there are more and more auto's here it's endless none stop 24/7 .  Here in 
Calif they continue to raise the price of gas , doesn't seem to  affect the 
traffic. I'm lucky if I get 100 miles out of a  tank.
You might think they're watering it down, but they aren't. It still has to  
pass standards that are applied to motor fuels. Yes, there are 
people/companies  that want to raise the level of ethanol to 15%, but SEMA
studies have 
proven  that even cars built into the 2000's (I believe up thru 2005 or 
2006) can  have detrimental effects to their engines from running 15% 
ethanol-gas mix. You  also have to factor in that rubber hoses aren't made
for ethanol 
fuels, which is  why most newer cars (that CAN run "flex fuel") use plastic 
lines for their  fuel lines (main & return), or they use steel lines. But 
today's fuels are  nothing like they used to be. The added chemicals (for 
cleaner burning) and the  removal of lead are 2 things that affect fuel
in older cars. Back in the  day (when your car was new) it probably got 30+ 
mpg out on the highway. But  today, that same car in the same state of tune 
would only get 27 mpg. But, you  no longer have 200 + days of smog as a 
result of cleaner fuel in California. But  what you're forgetting, is that 
California used something even more toxic than  ethanol to help clean the
MTB I think it was. It poisoned ground water.  While the rest of the country

got ethanol, you guys got that instead. We've  had ethanol mixed fuel since 
1985. The nearest non-ethanol gas station is 30  miles away (1 way), so I'm 
not about to drive out of my way just to find "pure"  gas. If you're so 
worried about it, log onto Gas Buddy dot com, and see where  the nearest
gas" place is near you, and buy it from them.
Just so you know, gas prices go up or down due to supply and demand. If you 
 have an area where there is a large demand, prices will reflect that. Add 
in a  higher cost of living, and prices reflect that as well. 
My question to you is how many months does a tank of fuel last? More than 3 
 months? If so you might want to add some stabil to your fuel. How long 
does it  take to go 100 miles?  

Sorry everyone, I just got rolling on a rant (I even trimmed it some). I  
didn't mean to. Honest. But trying to get a message across feels like I'm  
beating my head against a wall some times. I know I've had this conversation

before (on the Samba I think). 
Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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