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> The  trouble is after they decided to water down the fuel and over a long
> enough period of time since they have added more and more % wise it's
> difficult  tell what these cars ran like on old gas.
> I'm all  for not not pumping poison into the air and land . The ethonal
> only
> lasts  about three months or less in a fuel tank , either you drive enough
> to
> use  it which doesn't sit well  and I've read at less than 10% it doesn't
> reduce certain exhaust emissions as we were told.
> I  don't have the option of buying even a good used car and I don't drive
> very much . I have no idea if my 73 runs rich or lean it certainly does
> not
> get great MPG in this stop and go traffic I have to deal with. Each  year
> there are more and more auto's here it's endless none stop 24/7 .  Here in
> Calif they continue to raise the price of gas , doesn't seem to  affect 
> the
> traffic. I'm lucky if I get 100 miles out of a  tank.
> You might think they're watering it down, but they aren't. It still has to
> pass standards that are applied to motor fuels. Yes, there are
> people/companies  that want to raise the level of ethanol to 15%, but SEMA 
> studies have
> proven  that even cars built into the 2000's (I believe up thru 2005 or
> 2006) can  have detrimental effects to their engines from running 15%
> ethanol-gas mix. You  also have to factor in that rubber hoses aren't made 
> for ethanol
> fuels, which is  why most newer cars (that CAN run "flex fuel") use 
> plastic
> lines for their  fuel lines (main & return), or they use steel lines. But
> today's fuels are  nothing like they used to be. The added chemicals (for
> cleaner burning) and the  removal of lead are 2 things that affect fuel 
> mileage
> in older cars. Back in the  day (when your car was new) it probably got 
> 30+
> mpg out on the highway. But  today, that same car in the same state of 
> tune
> would only get 27 mpg. But, you  no longer have 200 + days of smog as a
> result of cleaner fuel in California. But  what you're forgetting, is that
> California used something even more toxic than  ethanol to help clean the 
> air.
> MTB I think it was. It poisoned ground water.  While the rest of the 
> country
> got ethanol, you guys got that instead. We've  had ethanol mixed fuel 
> since
> 1985. The nearest non-ethanol gas station is 30  miles away (1 way), so 
> I'm
> not about to drive out of my way just to find "pure"  gas. If you're so
> worried about it, log onto Gas Buddy dot com, and see where  the nearest 
> "pure
> gas" place is near you, and buy it from them.
> Just so you know, gas prices go up or down due to supply and demand. If 
> you
> have an area where there is a large demand, prices will reflect that. Add
> in a  higher cost of living, and prices reflect that as well.
> My question to you is how many months does a tank of fuel last? More than 
> 3
> months? If so you might want to add some stabil to your fuel. How long
> does it  take to go 100 miles?

 More than three months on both.

> Sorry everyone, I just got rolling on a rant (I even trimmed it some). I
> didn't mean to. Honest. But trying to get a message across feels like I'm
> beating my head against a wall some times. I know I've had this 
> conversation
> before (on the Samba I think).
> Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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