[T3] On a 73 T-3 SB. The damn horn circuit.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Sat Nov 11 16:06:20 PST 2017

 I have battery voltage at the horn ign on , if I remove the brown wire on the horn and use a jumper from the horn to the bumper the horn sounds loud. Simple little test. 

 If I connect the brown/ground back on the horn , key on and push the horn pad I get this tiny bleep . For some insane reason if the engine is running the horn works fine using the horn pad. 

 I looked at the Bentley and it shows no connection to the T/S switch . It shows the horn power off fuse 11 Bk./Yel  the ground brown then the horn pad a thin black line suggesting a chassis ground like you see for the fuel gauge to tank then a brown jumper across the steering coupling . 

 I removed the small cover under the column for access the the T/S plug . I see one brown wire , With the connector unplugged on the dash harness end that brown wire is direct to the chassis it does not go to the horn ground brown wire.

 I know the wheel has a contact ring and the T/S switch has a contact, 2 brass wipers.  

 I have a T/S / wiper switch off a 72 and I can see a brown wire on the 2 brass wipers yet it has more connectors, it's not the same. It's brown wire is not in the same spot on the plug.

 What am I missing here? I know the pad has 4 contacts with a wire that connects to the wheel contact ring , this makes and breaks contact from the pad to the ring at the base of the steering wheel . I know the brown wire from the T/S switch is direct to the chassis and does not connect to the horns brown wire because I get no continuity . 

  If the T/S contact goes to chassis ground from it's brown wire all I see in the Bentley for a brown wire to the T/S switch is for the headlamp dimmer which is a chassis ground for the dimmer relay. I don't see the T/S switch just the emergency flasher sending power to the front and rear turn lamps and it's on/off switch which works on 2 different fuses depending whether on or off. 

The Bentley also shows a single connector with only the horn brown ground wire under the dash I can't find it. 


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