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The key  is to fix the worn contact spring before things grab and destroy 
much  larger parts. The contact ring on the underside of the wheel is also  
replaceable and might even be available from the dealers, as I suspect it  
was also used on Beetles (and I think I've seen references to it on BMWs,  
it may have been a common German approach in that  era.)

Yes, I've seen a 72 wiper unit get destroyed when the horn wiper  blades 
got hooked on a burr and wear hole. It ripped the plastic apart like it  
wasn't even there. I think something similar must have happened to the 71 column  
unit in my 65 Notch, as both horn wiper blades are missing from it (horn 
doesn't  work either). It also doesn't self cancel, which means the plastic 
pegs probably  fell out when some one was in there prior to me getting it.

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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