[T3] On that 73 T-3 horn

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Mon Nov 13 23:50:30 PST 2017

 Before this wear turns into just another nightmare and destroys the wiper 
switch I'll pull the wheel and see what I can do to repair the hole and see 
what the contact ring looks like. I saw a few new ones being sold on one 
online VW parts CIPI or Jbugs the horn contact ring . I  didn't know they 
were plastic and had plastic cancel arms thought they were metal and just 
insulated thought I saw someone on samba fitting a fancy wheel using the 
stock ring and switch on a 73 or 4 thing.

 I'll see soon enough even though you can get the T/S switch and wiper and 
contact ring/cancel part I think most are reproduction unit's. Those three 
parts are near $100 .

 The stock one lasted a very long time , I'd rather save it . All I need is 
to make something with the proper bend and secure it over the area with the 
hole. Perhaps an H shaped hard thin metal and bend the 4 tabs over the brass 
wiper to secure it , the contact area is just a small bend . The rest of the 
wiper contact is in good shape.
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> The key  is to fix the worn contact spring before things grab and destroy
> much  larger parts. The contact ring on the underside of the wheel is also
> replaceable and might even be available from the dealers, as I suspect it
> was also used on Beetles (and I think I've seen references to it on BMWs,
> so
> it may have been a common German approach in that  era.)
> Yes, I've seen a 72 wiper unit get destroyed when the horn wiper  blades
> got hooked on a burr and wear hole. It ripped the plastic apart like it
> wasn't even there. I think something similar must have happened to the 71 
> column
> unit in my 65 Notch, as both horn wiper blades are missing from it (horn
> doesn't  work either). It also doesn't self cancel, which means the 
> plastic
> pegs probably  fell out when some one was in there prior to me getting it.
> Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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