[T3] Happy Birthday Hothe!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Wed Nov 15 16:19:36 PST 2017

with the boat Im closer to home.  YEa, the annual haul is kinda the stress
test every year, but its a different stress, instead of letting it go to
full throttle on the hills etc when it needs to with the boat back there I
stuff the pedal about 3/4 down and just leave it there, unless I get back to
speed. Puts more of a heat load on it though.


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Today is  Hothe's 47th Birthday, and was celebrated with a tank of Nonthenol

as  it gets ready for its winter slumber as the snows and salts move  ever

to the capital region.

The engine just  turned 161K, and even with the thick oil Im starting to  

when I first start it a bit.  I remember 15 years  ago heading out to the
first invasion thinking

I was out of my mind  driving a car with that old an engine in it cross
country... it had half  the mileage


So... I must truly be out of my mind  thinking a 1200mile trip to Alabama is
still in this engine,  correct?

I suspect I have 2500 miles left in it, but I dont want to  find out I was
wrong 1000 miles from home.

Its hot down there in  June, and there are some sizable mountains between
here and  there.

Opinions?  Should I guts it out to the 18 invasion  with it?
What's the difference between being on a road trip with it, and hauling the 
 boat to the lake in the summer?
Bob 65  Notch w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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