[T3] Long Block Build Options in California or US

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using the correct modern Curel sealants will keep it from leaking, if
assembled properly, end play is easy to set... but requires care and is
critical for long engine life.  Also important is the fit of the mains in
the case, especially #1, it needs to be tight or you'll never set your end
play or maintain it.


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First - thanks to everyone who weighed in on this. I appreciate the input
and insights.

I sounds like the best option is to purchase a block, crank, rods, pistons,
and barrels at least, and then build up a good long block using all the
techniques in information out there.

Now - I'm searching around for all the long block parts and will be happy to
take recommendations if anyone on the list has those.

I'm particularly concerned with building up something that does not leak and
has end play in control enough to prevent the rear seal from being trashed
like our current motor.

As always - thanks for the help!


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