[T3] Long Block Build Options in California or US

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Yes, Phil is right about having the case gone thru,
RIMCO if they are still in business is probably the choice to go with,
once a case is overheated its done really, Id never trust it again.
pulled studs, hammered bearing surfaces are a bad sign.  Without
a stressful incident however, they last a very long time.  The case
in my Square now has 250Kmi on it.  its was align bored .020  160K ago
but still has all the original studs and nothing else has been done.


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I would add that our relatively soft split alloy cases are subject to
warping from heat and long service.  Rebuilding an engine, as opposed to
building with all new parts, calls for careful and thorough evaluation with
precision instruments before a decision to re-use and rebuild is made.  If
you haven't done this before or don't have the proper measurement tools, an
evaluation by a trusted garage may save you a lot of money and lost time
should there be uneven bores or other faults.

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