[T3] Question about 73 T-3 oil cooler mounting.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Mon Oct 9 18:19:42 PDT 2017

 I thought I may have placed the 3 spacers under the cooler , the case and cooler are both 10 MM . 

 I looked today and found I didn't . Also since this cooler came off the original X 73  case and I needed the super cool tins under the cylinders I removed the heads off the 73 case. 

 The Bentley only shows the two long bolts placed before the cylinders are installed ( just a photo) ,

 Seems what i did was like the original case was because I didn't remove the cylinders so I put the 2 long bolts down and used the 3 spacers as washers on the top of the one cooler case stud and under the 2 long bolts and don't see wave washers .

 I doubt I would not use washers under the long bolt nuts and lock washers. 

 I'm not about the pull the cylinders because the long bolts are not up (threads top of cooler. 

 I would just like to know what was used as far and washers and lock washers on the one stud and 2 bolts. 

 I did this in 97 didn't have internet and I'm good at placing washers where they are needed. I can't see the nuts above the cylinders. 
 I cannot find one photo of how it is supposed to be. 

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