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Now  since I chose all by my self to get caught up in this thought process 
, can't  say I need the zinc content required for flat tappet lifters , not 
sure ,seems  to run the same as it has pep wise and I hear no bearing noise. 
Actually you do need to worry about it, because the oil companies  took it 
out of the oil starting around 2000. Without the ZDDP (zinc) you're  wearing 
the lobes off the cam. It won't wear or cause wear to the engine  bearings, 
but it will cause wear metal to metal contact surfaces.
At this point since you broke the engine in with 20W50, I'd keep  using it, 
although I'd look for an oil WITH ZDDP in it. Your other option is to  add 
the ZDDP to the oil. You can add Lucas, or go with something else like GM's  
EOS (Engine Oil Supplement). I use EOS, and it's not cheap at 30 bucks for 
a  small pint container (I add a 1/2 pint with every oil change), but it 
beats  taking out the engine, and tearing it down to replace the camshaft. I 
think of  it as cheap insurance. I've put about 12K on it in 10 years of 
summer only  driving, and that includes some hard miles in the middle of summer 
going to and  from a Type 3 Invasion.
The reason for the removal of zinc (ZDDP) was it clogged catalytic  
converters, and manufacturers switched to roller cams and away from "flat  tappet" 
cams. This is what the GM dealer told me, and can be found researching  
oils, so it's not just something I'm pulling out of my butt. :-)

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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