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J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 19:33:27 PDT 2017

'71 Sqbk.  Turn Signal not working.
This turn signal went out on the same day that radio and wipers went out. Wipers just needed a touch-up of fuse corrosion in fuse box.   Radio, same thing...in an in-line fuse.                  

But no cleaning worked for the turn signals.   Fuse (# 10 ) is also for horn, brake lights, and dashboard brake warning light, which all work...though horn is a bit feeble.   Light bulbs all ok.   Does this mean it's a problem in the lever assembly under the steering wheel?  What else?  It's not that the turn signals don't blink properly...bulbs don't light at all....except for the emergency flashers.     (At this point, I'd be glad to do the turn signal blinking by hand...but with no lights, can't do that.)
 That under-steering-wheel turn signal business was long ago installed with some effort with help of a VW repair guy who, as it is elsewhere, no longer works on 45 year old VWs.   We had to compromise with an old turn signal switch without the automatic return feature.  The signal lever had to be returned manually to off position for years.  No problem with that.

Question is...how to be certain that it's something in the signal lever/steering wheel area and not in wires or the relay?  Again, relay works for the emergency flashers, just not for turn signal.  Can the relay be partly faulty?

What makes a turn signal switch go bad?  Nothing in there looks broken or anything...though the copper springy contacts with the steering wheel look kind of worn.  
  Then...last resort...what's the possibility of finding a working turn signal set-up for a '71?

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