[T3] Question 73 T-3 FI /auto trans.Grounds on engine.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Sun Oct 29 17:03:40 PDT 2017

I cleaned all the grounds on the two brass trees. I did the trees and the male spade ends. 

 The Bentley page 19 fuel injection section is just no where close , it tells you the injector grounds are on the top cover plates. 

 I know 3 grounds were added . 1 for the MPS case - 1 for the ECU case and 1 for the EGR valve relay which I pulled out years ago. 

 I have one ground tree on the case center line and the other is on one stud of the case vent tower which it's always been like this. 

 On the right side of the IAD there is a harness with grounds only. One of these grounds is one wire out of the harness to a plastic connector cover and exits to two leads that end up together in one male spade that reaches across to the tree on the case center line .

 All the grounds shown I should have are there . The three I listed first and and one to # 11 on the ECU and one to # 47 on the 5 pin TPS. 

 I've been chasing this no load erratic miss . Now that I've cleaned these grounds and removed the plastic connector and spiced the 3 leads together since I could not get the male and female spades out of it and one broke off . 

 I have gotten rid of 75 % of this erratic miss. The ground leads are the only leads that are hard as a rock where the exit the tan harness coveing all the others are fine.

 Is there a better wiring schematic out there ? 
 The only why I can tell what each ground wire is is to unplug the ECU since I don't want to check any grounds to the ECU or the injector grounds because the injector plugs can go in either way and I don't think reading ohms is a good idea with the ECU connected. 

 I've already pulled each terminal out of each engine component plastic plug and tightened them one at a time. The Bentley does number these . I didn't see any numbers on the now off white grounds that I could read. Beside the Bentley does not give them numbers.  

 Why would they do it this way? 

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