[T3] Question 73 T-3 FI /auto trans.Grounds on engine.

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Is there  a better wiring schematic out there ? 

The only why I can tell what  each ground wire is is to unplug the ECU 
since I don't want to check any  grounds to the ECU or the injector grounds 
because the injector plugs can go  in either way and I don't think reading ohms 
is a good idea with the ECU  connected. 

I've already pulled each terminal out of each engine  component plastic 
plug and tightened them one at a time. The Bentley does  number these . I 
didn't see any numbers on the now off white grounds that I  could read. Beside 
the Bentley does not give them numbers.  

Why  would they do it this way? 
Yes, it's in the Elfrink FI manual.
No, but reading thru the ECU plug to the end item is a way to verify  that 
there are no "opens" in the wires.You can try this site for  resistances to 
the components..
This tightening is a good thing to do, as it helps eliminate and  
"vibration" induced faults.
The numbers on the wires are printed about every 6 inches or so, in case  
you need to splice or check an existing wire.
Since all the wires are the same color, printing the number on each wire  
does make sense.

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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