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Oh boy... still not sure How im going to get there being exam week for the
kids school, maybe... somehow...  boy this sounds like fun!


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Gail and I just got back home from a small vacation, and we also stopped in
for a visit with our friends Peg and Marion McDonald in Alabama. As you all
know; they are our hosts for the upcoming 2018 Invasion.

While we were there - we scoped out their choices for the Invasion site, the
host hotel, and the facility where we will be having our Saturday night
dinner. As expected, they did a marvelous job picking out these sites as
they are experienced Invasion attendees and know exactly what works best to
host an Invasion. The Invasion site is right next to a lake and should
provide us plenty of shade during the day. The hotel is brand new and we
will have the rear parking lot covered in type 3's to hang around with at
night, and the dinner site will be the perfect place to have a nice air
conditioned dinner at the end of Saturday as well. They are working on a
neat group activity for us to do on Friday should you so choose to
participate, but I won't spoil their announcement. Here's hoping it comes
through for them!

We also stopped in at Dennis's school to meet him and "Clementine", but
evidently he must have been skipping school that day. Don't worry Dennis, we
won't tell on ya.

When we returned home, I clicked on the link provided on Johns 2018 Invasion
website ( http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2018Invasion/ ) to make reservations
at the Hampton Inn and it was as easy as could be. Nice job!

This is setup to be another great Invasion, so don't forget to make your
plans and make your reservations - only 9 months away!

Dave Pallo

'72 Square ~ Elwood

Fairport, New York

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