[T3] Trans swap

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Dec 22 08:21:34 PST 2018

Good to hear T3 work is in the works!


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Since Keith shamed us folks who live outside of the salt belt I thought I'd
give a quick update with what's going with my stuff. Although we did have
some freezing fog last week that caused some driving conditions we don't
usually have in these parts may be a sign of things to come for us this
winter. Anyway not been able to enjoy driving around in clementine during
what I call non AC driving season(early October to mid May). I've had a
transaxle noise since I put this trans in about 2 years ago. It came out of
the crusty 72 Square I used for parts. It only had 77K on it so I thought it
would be better than the one in it that had 175K and had endured my teen
years back in the early 80s when I busted the spider gears and still not
sure where all the debris from that exploded gear went. The noise is
constant regardless of gear but goes away when the clutch is disengaged.  I
thought I maybe the input shaft bearing. So I have my class pull every thing
out before the end of the semester s
 tart putting the other trans (the one in it originally) in and now it's
locked up. Seems to be in the differential so got to crack that open and see
if one of those exploded gear fragments on the original trans has found its
way back in the differential section. Guess we shall see which trans is
going to be easier to fix.  The whole reason I pulled the original trans out
for the low miles one was because there was a quick cluck noise sometimes
when you engaged the clutch from a dead stop while turning so I thought the
spider gears agin. Anyway I'll give an update when I crack the cover off the
Dif. Been very busy here lately as my program is going through
recertification which is pretty much like an audit for our program every 5
years.  Fun! Fun!

Dennis Stiefel
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville, AL
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