[T3] Giving up Stock FI

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Keith, everything other than the MS board is available in any good FLAPS.
The board you solder up, so you can handle that. You can also get it 
"pre-assembled" if you want. You'll just have to set up the board to work 
with your injectors is all. Then it's just a matter of deciding what type of 
spark set up you want to go. Nick in Texas has a COP (Coil On Plug) set 
up in his 64 Notch with a 2056 t-4 engine in it. Nate up in Washington has 
a similar set up on his small (2056) motor. and in his 2316 big t-4 race
 engine, he's running LS2 individual coils with ITB 45mm throttle bodies and 
a MS3X injection system. This is in a 67 Squareback, that's seen a lot of 
modification work done to it. It's also ran 115+ mph at Bonneville. 8-)

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Well even knowing your altitude thats not bad!
 I think gas mileage can be improved with the use of a closed loop system,
at least under some conditions because D jet has to run too rich in areas so
that its not too lean in others, and with my custom setup the linearity of
the curve is going to be even more off than stock.

WOW!  your AFR's are high, Jake told me to stay under 14 on the highway, and
Ray Greenwood pointed out that with the sensor in the stock muffler the
readings may not be accurate over the whole range anyway.  I did run it into
the 15's on the leanest areas, seemed to be fine, if I believe those numbers

One of the things thats keeping me from squirting it is spare parts, I love
having the extra D jet stuff along so if something does go south, no matter
what it is, I can be on the other side of the country and still get it
going.  how easy is it to get spares or replacements with Megasquirt?


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