[T3] Giving up Stock FI

Max Welton max.welton.2k at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 17:20:43 PST 2018

Ah. Copy all.

It seems to me that if you can get the 02 sensor located in your exhaust
where it can give you a true reading (see note 1), going MS would allow you
to draw up any target AFR surface (see note 2) you like and get the
closed-loop learning feature adjust the fuel map accordingly. After a bit
of driving and looking at logs and a little artistic "painting" of
under-sampled cells you will have a fuel map that will run perfectly fine
even without the WB input.

Still don't know what to tell you about on-the-road availability of a
replacement ECU should you need one. A failure on the board is something I
couldn't deal with. Although if I could get my hands on an equivalently
modded MS, I could refresh all the control tables from my tablet. My hope
is that a much more likely failure would be in my own wiring harness ...
which I could trace out and fix. And I try to make that all as solid as I
can so even that doesn't happen. Prevention first.

1) I am running an ISP Over the Top exhaust (not stock type-3) which
provides a nice place for the 02 sensor at the collector.

2) Note that I'm calling it a surface and not a curve. Each cell is indexed
to RPM and MAP. Same with the ignition. It's kind of a pet peeve with me.
An SVDA does not produce advance that follows a curve, it follows a
surface. An 009 follows a curve.

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