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I've always been aware of the drain holes and know the plastic cover on 
doors is  there most new cars even have this.
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> Just some thoughts about parts of our cars that get ignored:
> Plastic sheeting inside the door panels
> I've had body shop people tell me that they are there only to keep down 
> wind
> noise. They may be a small help in that, but that's not their main 
> function.
> The main thing they do is keep rain water from soaking the pressboard
> backing of the vinyl door panels.
> You'll never know this until you leave one of those plastic sheets out, or 
> tear
> it up, and then notice your door panels warp after the next rain. If your 
> doors
> are missing their door drains, you can cut replacements from heavy plastic
> sheeting. Dry cleaner bags are too light, but construction vapor barrier 
> is
> good and I have some good sheeting here if you can't find any locally.
> Door drains
> That's right, rain water gets inside the doors. That's why the doors have
> drains.
> Each door has drains at the bottom to let water out. If you don't clean 
> them
> out occasionally, you may hear water sloshing in there after a rain. You 
> don't
> have to remove anything to clean out the drains; you can poke them from
> below, but if you're inside the doors for any other reason, it's always a 
> good
> idea to brush and vacuum out the loose stuff. It accumulates.
> Wiper shafts
> Most of the time we tend to ignore the shafts that turn the wiper arms, 
> but
> those shafts actually come thru rather long bronze bushings, and those
> bushings can sometimes use some lubrication. You don't want to wait until
> the shafts have seized. I've seen cars where the bushings were turning
> WITH the shafts, slowly augering out the hole in the body.
> At the very least, it's worth removing the arms occasionally, cleaning 
> under
> there, and adding a couple drops of oil while the shaft is turning. If you
> happen to be taking the wiper assembly out of the car, take this as an
> opportunity to take the shafts out of the bushings, clean it out, and fill 
> the
> space in there with a good grease.
> Door hinges
> Most of you probably already know that there's a little plastic cap on top 
> of
> each door hinge. You should pop that cap off once a year and fill the hole
> under it with oil. That will help keep things working smoothly, and with
> minimal wear, for a very long time.
> Distributor lubrication
> Every time you do a tuneup, you should clean off the distributor cam and
> rubbing block and then apply a small bit of fresh clean grease to the cam.
> This will keep the rubbing block from grinding a path into the steel cam. 
> Yes,
> over time, this happens.
> In addition, if your distributor has centrifugal advance in addition to 
> vacuum
> advance, you should remove the rotor and add 1 drop of light oil to the 
> hole
> in the top of the shaft. This will keep the centrifugal advance from 
> sticking.
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