[T3] my 69 fastback wont start

Mark Reno markvannnorris at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 07:48:15 PST 2018

I removed the distributor. I'll recheck that when I look at the cap. I
won't fuck with those injectors. I'll just go get some Lucas fuel injection
and run that in the tank. I still need to check for the regulator clicks.

I'm in Reno Nevada.


mark vann norris

On Jan 18, 2018 06:37, "Jim Adney" <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 17 Jan 2018 at 23:18, Mark Reno wrote:
> > Its a 69 for sure. I think it is an early 69. I have the original papers
> > from the owner. So it was the first year of the VW fuel injection.
> That's the 2nd year for the FI. '68 was the first, but the systems in
> those 2
> years are basically the same. The one change that you might see is that the
> FI brain went from the early A brain to the B brain that superceeded it. I
> don't
> know exactly when the changeover occurred at the factory, but it was
> somewhere in the late '68 to early '69 timeframe. If your car still has
> the A
> brain, it would be worth upgrading it. This has already been done on most
> of
> our '68-9 cars.
> > Would running alcohol or lacker thinker be ok to clean the injectors? Or
> > do you have a suggestion on what to clean them with?
> There are special additives that you can add to the fuel to clean the
> injectors, but I've never seen an improvement from those on our cars. Some
> styles of injectors seem to need cleaning and some don't; ours don't.
> Regardless, this doesn't work until you get the engine running, so I would
> suggest dropping the idea at least for now.
> If you really want to clean the injectors, you should remove them and take
> them to a shop that has an injector cleaner, but I don't think this will
> help
> your problem, and it will surely cause gas hose leaks that will make you
> wish
> you hadn't done it, especially in cold weather.
> > I was thinking that maybe the injectorors might be gummed up. And  it's
> > not get fuel or not enough fuel.
> That's not likely the problem.
> Since you've already seen that the injectors are firing, the possible
> problems
> are fewer. If you replaced the condensor, did you take the distributor
> out? If
> so, are you SURE you got it installed ALL the way back down so that the
> drive dog is properly engaged? The way to check is to grab the rotor and
> twist the shaft. If you can turn it around and around, it's not all the
> way down.
> If necessary, loosen the clamp, then turn the shaft while pushing down on
> the distributor. When it finds the correct spot, it will drop down about
> 1/4".
> Then you won't be able to turn it any more (except for the limited amount
> of
> mechanical advance motion.)
> Tell us where you're located. There may be someone near you who can
> help.
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