[T3] Western Great Lakes Caravan

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Wed May 2 21:40:30 PDT 2018

John Jaranson prodded me to look at our caravan route more closely.

At this point I'm thinking of starting on Wed, going south thru IL 
then diverting slightly east and catching the southern tip of IN, 
including Evansville. That takes us a bit more east in KY and I see 
that we'll be almost central in TN. We should arrive easily in time 
for the thursday evening kickoff dinner and gettogether.

If it turns out that we have people wanting to join us from farther 
west, but not close to the Evansville route, I can be talked into the 
more western route.

The total journey should be under 12 hours, which makes this easy 
with one night on the road, probably in KY. 

Speak up now if you think you'll try to join us, because it will take 
some time to finalize the route and arrange meeting place and time. 
If you don't speak up, you lose your voice in the caravan route, so 
speak up now.


On 2 May 2018 at 17:51, Jim Adney wrote:

> We're only a month and a half away from the Invasion, so I guess it's time to 
> suggest a caravan from our part of the world.
> I'll be driving from south central Wisconsin, almost straight south, thru Illinois 
> and the western tails of Kentucky and Tennessee into Alabama. On the way, 
> we can pick up Invaders from WI, IL, MO, AR, KY, and TN. From Madison to 
> the Invasion looks to be just over 12 hours of driving, which should break 
> down into 2 easy days. I plan to leave on Wednesday, June 13 and arrive in 
> plenty of time for the Thursday opening evening festivities.
> I've asked Melissa to see if there is something interesting for us to visit in 
> western Kentucky or Tennesee on our first night. I'm thinking of a small 
> brewery or distillery. (We did a mini bourbon tour in Kentucky a year ago 
> and that turned out to be extremely interesting. Unfortunately, the real 
> bourbon area is east of where we will pass thru.)
> If you're likely to join our caravan, please reply to me or to this list so I can 
> get an idea of who we're meeting, and where and when. It's time to get this 
> planned.
> Getting there is half the fun.  ;-)
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