[T3] 2018 Type 3 Invasion

Marion McDonald mmmpwm at bellsouth.net
Tue May 15 10:59:21 PDT 2018

The Invasion is less than a month away, so we are in the final stages of
preparation in Scottsboro.  We encourage you to take care of any of the
items listed below as soon as possible so that we may be better able to make
final plans.


Hotel Reservations:  The deadline for making reservations at the Hampton Inn
in Scottsboro is May 24.  The easiest way to make reservations is the link
on the Invasion website.  Here is the link to that page:

After this date, we will have to relinquish the rooms back to the hotel, so
the ability to make reservations after this date will not be certain.  This
hotel stays booked up, so act quickly. There are still cabins available for
rent at Jackson County Park.  Information on this location is also presented
on the Invasion website page.  Please note that the rates for the cabins are
less than those presented on their site.  Lower winter rates apply to the
Invaders.  To get the lower rate, please indicate that you are part of
Volkswagen Type 3 Invasion group when making reservations.


Thursday night June 14th gathering at our house:  The gathering starts about
6 pm, but if you arrive a little earlier than this that will be all right.
Food will be provided, so do not eat an evening meal before you come.  There
is no cost involved, but we need to have a fairly accurate headcount to make
sure there is enough food.  This is a come- and- go event and we will
probably continue until after dark.  Our address is listed below.  Call me
(256-242-4239) if you need directions or your GPS leads you astray.  I will
also be collecting funds for the VW Factory tour lunch on Friday. 


Friday, June 15th VW Factory cruise:  I will need to notify the lunch
caterer on Tuesday, June 12 with a headcount.  I can add a few more after
this date, but the flexibility is limited.  I will only order food for those
on the list, so communicate with me if you plan to eat lunch.  I will
collect most of the lunch funds on Thursday night and the remainder before
we leave on Friday.  


We will be leaving the host hotel in Scottsboro for the cruise to the
factory promptly at 7am CDT on Friday.  The VW Factory is in the Eastern
Time zone and we need to arrive, park our vehicles and be ready for the
museum tour by 10am EDT (9am CDT).  For those of you who are going to meet
us at the factory, there is a photo on the Invasion website of the factory.
We will be entering from the rear of the building and parking in the atrium
of the conference center marked on the photo.


Saturday June 16th Invasion Dinner:  I will need to notify the caterer for
the dinner with a headcount on June 8.  Several of you have indicated that
you plan to attend the dinner, but you have not sent your funds.  If you
have not previously done so, please send me an email if you plan to attend.
Send the funds so that I receive them by the deadline date.  The easiest way
to get the funds to me is by my PayPal account linked to my email address.


Please call or email me if you have additional questions or concerns.


Marion McDonald

2018 Type 3 Invasion Host

633 Main Street North

Section, AL 35771


mmmpwm at bellsouth.net   


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