[T3] 2018 Type 3 Invasion

John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Wed May 16 21:00:48 PDT 2018

I made some more updates to the Invasion website including a few more items for the charity auction.  If anyone has Type 3 related items they want to donate for the auction please let me know.

I also I put an asterisks next to your name on the Invaders list if we have record of you pre-paying for the Saturday dinner.  As Marion has mentioned we need an accurate count and pre-payment by June 8th if you plan to attend the catered dinner on Saturday night.

Still at 50+ Invaders with teh recent adds and drops.  Thanks again for those that updated me on the status for making the Invasion.  Please let me know if you cannot make it as we starting to prep the list for making the name tag buttons.

Also remember to let me know about t-shirt size you want so I can be sure to include them in the order.

John Jaranson

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