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Marion McDonald mmmpwm at bellsouth.net
Wed May 23 19:15:35 PDT 2018

Type 3 Invasion VW factory cruise update:  Although there is a change to the
schedule of events at the VW factory, this change will not affect the cruise
to the factory which will go on as scheduled. 


The VW factory has notified me that upper management at the factory has
suspended factory tours for the foreseeable future.  Volkswagen has a new
model coming out which is built at this factory, and they are not ready for
the public to see it.  It is not unusual for the factory to be closed for
public tours.  These tours are sometimes suspended for months at a time.


I am sure many of you are disappointed at this development, but it will work
to our advantage.  This will give us more time to tour the VW Academy at the
factory, and we will be able to tour this facility at a more leisurely pace.
I had the pleasure of viewing the VW Academy back in February.  This is a
large and impressive facility with much to see.  The staff plans to divide
the Invaders into small groups and give each group a tour of the facilities.
The factory trains both factory line workers and dealership technicians in
all aspects of vehicle production or maintenance.  This will be a hands-on
guided tour of all the work stations installed throughout the building which
include assembly line robotics, 3D printers, and welding to name a few.
There are also a number of vintage Volkswagens on display throughout the


Here is the new schedule:


7:00 am CDT:   Depart the host hotel in Scottsboro.  

9:30 am EDT:   Arrival and park the Type 3 vehicles in the VW Factory
Conference Center Atrium.  Invaders in non T3 daily driver vehicles will
park in the visitor's parking lot next to the conference center.

10:00 am EDT:  Begin tours of VW Factory Academy

12:00 pm EDT:  Break for lunch in the Atrium (Box lunches will be provided
for those who preordered them at $10 per person)

1:00 pm EDT:    Continue tours of the Academy

2:00 pm EDT or until tours are complete:  Depart VW factory and cruise back
to the host hotel.  There are a couple of alternate routes back to the hotel
on more side roads that we can take at a slower pace since there are no
scheduling constraints.  We will lead one group up the mountain from
Trenton, Georgia on GA Hwy 136 to AL Hwy 71 on a zigzag road with hair pin


I currently have 40 Invaders involving approximately 20 cars signed up to
make the cruise from the hotel or to meet us at the factory.  I will order
box lunches from the VW factory caterer using this list a couple of days
before the cruise.  If you want a box lunch ordered, please notify me of
your intensions via email.  If you are on the list and your plans change,
please let me know so I will order the correct number of box lunches.  I
will collect most of the box lunch funds on Thursday night at the gathering
at my house.  If you are not coming to that, please be prepared to pay me
before we leave the hotel.  As a convenience, some of you may want to prepay
me via PayPal, especially those that are meeting us at the factory since I
will not see you until we arrive there.  Last minute additions to the box
lunch list will not be possible on the day of the cruise.


I still have a few people who have not submitted funds for the Saturday
night dinner.  Remember the deadline for the funds to reach me is Friday,
June 8, 2018.  Speaking from experience, those of you who are not planning
to attend the dinner will be missing out on a fun event.


If you have additional questions, please email or call me.


Marion McDonald

2018 Type 3 Invasion Host

mmmpwm at bellsouth.net



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