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Wed Nov 7 13:06:06 PST 2018

On 7 Nov 2018 at 19:02, bobsnotch at aol.com wrote:

> The early cars even got a deflector in the cooling boot opening to
> help direct air flow. This was dropped on the later cars. I don't know why
> though.

Yeah, I always thought that little deflector was a nice touch, but it was out of 
sight, so my guess is that it got dropped to save money. It's possible that VW 
did some testing, with and without, before dropping it, but I doubt if we'll ever 
know now.

I think my '68 had it, but the '71s didn't.

In the parts book, that deflector is shown as sold with the inner panel, the 
one with the large oval hole for the intake bellows. There's only one version 
called out, and it has no letter suffix, so I can't tell what VW did, or when.

With that deflector gone, you can simply fold the intake bellows back inside 
the body when removing the engine. That's a convenience, but I still like to 
see the deflector there.

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