[T3] Motor's out

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Oct 6 16:52:28 PDT 2018

boy Im really getting tired of saying that...  but the weather gods gave me
a weekend to fix

the oil leak out of the bellhousing and well, there's no real smoking gun


It looked dry behind the flywheel, I was expecting a flywheel seal made by
"Victor Reinz"

might also have the next 2 words "oil everywhere" associated with it but
didnt look like that was leaking.

there was oil splashed around the top of the tranny behind the clutch fork,
and it was wet BELOW

the tranny seal, but not where the shaft came out of the seal... and it
lacked "the smell" of tranny fluid.


I changed all the seals, but not really sure what was leaking in there.  The
galley plugs looked dry...

alot of work not to be sure, but something was and hopefully Ive covered all
the bases





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