[T3] Cargo Mat Repair

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Mon Oct 8 13:26:57 PDT 2018

It's not very difficult, but take your time.
Just work along levering the clamping strip up.  The flat blade of a 
.screwdriver is enough.  You may be able to tap it along with a hammer.

Your repair proposal may be ok.  If it's not reclamped you may not need a fully flexible repair.  Obviously you need easy access to the engine.
Alternatively, use good quality duct tape.

UK VW Type 3 and 4 Club

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The original, brown Cargo Mat in the rear of my '69 Square has cracked
transversly due to age, sun, and engine heat.  It's now in two, pieces

The front ~half of the mat is "captured", just behind the rear seatback, by
a metal piece that was OEM installed.  The back ~half of the mat is now
just laying over the engine cover.

1.)  I would like remove the front half from that "crimped-over" metal
strip, then
2.)  Re-attach the 2 pieces together with something strong and flexible.

My first though is to:
A.) Lay the two pieces (good side down) on a flat surface (like a 4' X 8'
sheet of plywood) &
B.)  Embed a ~12" X 48" piece of woven roving fiberglass into a ~1/4"
layer of something like liquid Flex Seal.
C.) Let the Flex Seal cure for several days, then
D.)  Reinstall the (now) one-piece mat back on to rear deck, without
re-"crimping" the front edge.

1.)  Has anybody removed the mat from the front "crimped" metal piece?
2.)  How did you do it? (Use a flat pry bar?)
3.)  Suggestions? Cautions?

Gary "Frito" - '69 Squareback, FI, MT, One-owner
Rockport, TX (winter)
Lake Geneva, WI (summer)
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