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I’ve never known of an air cooled VW manual or auto diff that had limited slip , they may exist .

 When I worked for Ford there were a lot of issues with limited slip , either they would chatter when making a turn which required adding a tube of special lube to the diff yet most often it didn’t work the result was the chatted would end and the limited slip wouldn’t grab like it did of the chatter was still present. 

 I owned a 72 Bronco for a while , it had what was called limited slip in the rear and traction lock in the front . The traction lock by definition was one could manually engage the front hubs via red dials that you turn one way to lock opposite to unlock yet the front drive shafts always were engaged turning from the diff. If you ended up on dry pavement it would be a battle to turn a corner and fight itself . Even if they were unlocked the rear posi still fought you on dry surfaces . Of course this is 4 wheel drive all engaged . Later they had auto release front hub which required you to back up 30 feet then go forward hoping they would disengage. 

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On 11 Oct 2018 at 17:27, Marciano Pitargue wrote:

> The only desire to freshen up the tranny is because it's out and I want
> peace of mind. 

If I were you, my peace of mind would be better off if I never let this tranny 
get out of my sight. The problems you mention below are pretty simple ones 
that it sounds like you should be able to fix yourself. I'd leave the inner stuff 

> I took off the axles as one seems bent, and the short axles put on the
> tranny are pretty chewed up on the inner side.

if you actually have a bent axle, find a replacement. If it's just a dented axle 
tube, ignore it, straighten it, or replace it.  

> The curved shaped end of the axle tube, the daisies and the fulcrum
> plates are scraped up as well and imho, will need to be replaced.  I
> dunno if they went in that way or if they became damaged after the
> hurried installation of them. 

Those are all easily fixed/replaced by yourself. Since you've gotten this far, 
it's pretty clear that you have the ability to do this work yourself. The hardest 
part was getting the outer bearings off the axle shafts, and you've already 
done that.

If you do all this, consider replacing the rubber boots over the inner ends of 
the axle tubes. Since you've got everything apart, get the seamless OG 
versions, not the ones with the joint.

> The PO painted over the caked on dirt/mud on the transaxle case which
> really didn't build confidence on the mod.

Mod? What was done? If it's just paint, ignore it. If someone else has 
already taken this tranny apart, then maybe you should look for another one, 
preferably a virgin, but keep in mind that the gear ratios in Type 3 MTs are 
different from Beetle MTs. You'll find lots of people eager to sell you Beetle 
MTs, and a few people who will tell you they have Type 3 MTs when they 
don't, but real Type 3 swing axle virgin MTs will be harder to find unless 
someone on this list has one to sell you.

As for cleaning, there's a local truck shop here that is willing to steam clean 
trannys for me if I carry them in. Perhaps you could find one near you, but 
keep the water out of the inside of the tranny. 

> I have changed the transmission oil twice and never seen huge chunks of
> dirt or contaminate come out. I never had any shifting problems or gears
> popping out.  So, I suspect the transmission is fine.  But I'm a pessimist
> at heart.  :-)

Consider being a pessimist also about the quality of work you can expect in 
a transmission rebuild. This is VERY specialized work that requires several 
thousand $ of unique tooling to do correctly. Anyone who quotes you a 
"reasonable" price either isn't planning to do it right, or they don't know what 
they are getting into.  

> Also, another route is to find a late model swing axle transaxle with the
> factory LSD.  I think they exist?

They are in the parts list, but I've never heard of one actually being supplied. 
I suspect they are like ATs in 914s; they are in the parts list, but they don't 
really exist.

I just watched an interesting video on YouTube about different kinds of 
limited slip differentials. It was interesting and informative. One thing I 
learned is that the common types wear out in about 20k miles, so they 
become standard "open" differentials. Watch this, he gives a very good 
explanation of the various options. I learned a lot from this, although I doubt 
if most, or any, of those options are available for our trannys.  


Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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