[T3] 65 Brakes

Sean Bartnik sjbartnik at mac.com
Fri Oct 19 09:39:09 PDT 2018

The correct shoes for the ‘65 front can be hard to find. Often there is someone selling them on thesamba so you should check the classifieds there. 

The brake shoes you want for the front are 311 609 237 F, they were only used from chassis number 221 975 to 315220883. 

I think the greater challenge will be finding front wheel cylinders if you need them, or rebuild kits. 

Those wheel cylinders should be 311 611 061 C for the left side (there are 2) and 311 611 062 C for the right. Assuming your chassis number falls somewhere in between 315000001 and 315220883. 


> On Oct 19, 2018, at 12:28 PM, Ray Gifford <ray at mendomail.com> wrote:
> I have a 65 notch, and the front right side is leaking brake fluid.  I need to replace the brakes and wheel cylinders.  I call Bill and Steve’s and got a little run around but the final answers were, the brake shoes and cylinders are not available, they think the brake brake shoes can be modified to fit the front, if I want to put disc brakes on, i have to replace the front end with a newer front end, or I can call Old Speed? and see if they have something or can make me something.  There have to be other solutions?  If I can’t get shoes and do need to replace the front end, why not buy the adapter and put a type 1 front end on?
> Please, bathe me in your wisdom.
> Ray
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