[T3] FI brains reinvented?

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Sorry Micah, but with MS (Micro Squirt) and others already on the scene, 
it's hard to justify spending the time and money on it. It's already tuneable 
with a lap top, and can be set up quick and cheap. There's a couple of 
sensors to buy, but most of the existing FI stuff transfers right over.
Contact Max Welton on here, as he's been running a MS system for a 
few years now, and really likes it.

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I've been musing for a while on the possibility of re-engineering FI brains
for VWs (Specifically Type 3's first, but it could be built on from there).
I'm not an electrical engineer, but I find it hard to believe there aren't
people out there who be interested in rising to the task of deconstructing
the FI brain, and rebuilding it into a modern, tunable, and efficient

I've considered a kickstarter for it might be a plan, but obviously there
would need to be a team of capable people who have the know-how to create
such a thing. And that is where I find myself pretty stuck.

Any ideas?




'68 square, currently in epoxy primer pieces waiting for Spring to paint!



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