[T3] Save vs. Recycle

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 20:59:41 PDT 2018

 Sad to say, I have to end my T-3 era...going back to 70's.  Got a "new" '01 Subaru.Jim A gave me a list of which of my ton of spare parts ought just be recycled, and which to save for others.   This is to add questions about other parts to be either saved for whatever buyers there may be, and which to take to cash in on metal recycle.   I have a LOT of spare parts from past cars...'72 and '73 mostly.
- Heater boxes- Bumpers...with rust.- Relays and other sensor things.- Fuel Pressure sensors
- Distributors- Doors- A rear hatch door.- Light lenses and headlights, etc.- Brake cylinders and calipers- Brake disks- Engine tin- Wires- Tie rods- Chrome trim 
- Steering wheels- Turn signals...not for '71.- Seat belts- Clocks, odometers- Glove compartment(s)- Sun visor flaps.- R.View mirrors- Hub nuts- Hub caps
   If anyone has advice about dealing with all this, especially in Philadelphia PA tri/quad state Jersey...Del...MD....area....please advise.   Otherwise, I recycle, call the Smithsonian Museum Antiquities Dept....or melt it all down into art.
PS:  Do not want to sell individual parts piece by piece. Want a truck to pull up and take the lot.   The job of finding sale value of each part would take forever.
PPS: In meantime, out to recycle go flywheels, clutch parts, bad-boot ball joints and tie rod ends, brake rotors, starters, generators, 

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