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Sounds like a plan to me. The OE wiring can be used, but not the relay 
under the dash, as you'd need something to active it. You can use the 
wires though.
What you'll probably find, is that you won't be using the mechanical 
pump any more, as the electric one lives a long time. I had one in my T-34 
before I sold it, and drove it out to Colorado Springs and back in 2012, 
with all the heat that normally comes from summer including going thru 
Hay(de)s Kansas in 114*F temps. The pump worked just fine thru it, 
even though the starter wasn't happy from the excess heat.

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Thanks Bob and Brian for the responses. I was considering using the
Facet-on-the-shelf with a pressure regulator but the cost of a good
regulator is as much or more than the cost of the Mr. Gasket, and would
require another mounting spot/connections, so I think I'll just go with one
of those units. I will keep the mechanical pump in place and rod handy for
potential (ok, inevitable) failure. 

Regarding the placement and wiring, I am going to shoot for the spot where
the original FI pump was mounted, and as I remember when I swapped the FI
for carbs (1986) I just tucked the wires back and taped them, so assuming
they are still there and usable that seems like an obvious/good solution,
no? If not I think I will go with the "kill switch" option and keep it

Thanks again,


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I believe that pump puts out too much pressure. You want something that has
2.5 to 3 psi out put. I've been using the Mr.Gasket brand 042S pump found
almost everywhere, like the Zone, Advanced, O'Reilly's, Napa, etc... It's
been in use since 2010 in my Notch. I zip tied it to the front beam, and
have been using it with my Solex carbs the entire time without issue. I've
also used that pump on several other cars, including my T-34, and my son's
Pile of Bleached Bones with a 1700 T-4 engine with Weber ICTs, and a friends
KG with single carb. Keep in mind that electric pumps are better "pusher"
pumps, while mechanical pumps are good puller pumps, hence the reason for
mounting the electric pump close to the fuel tank.
What I like about going with the electric pump, is that it'll prime the
carbs if the car has been sitting a while, making for easier starts.
Ideally you want to install an "impact" switch in the wiring. Connect the
power to a fuse that's "hot" only when the key is on. You could even install
a "kill" switch that shuts off the pump, as a "theft" device. ;-)
I hope this helps.

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