[T3] using original FI fuel pump wiring for aftermarket pump

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The problem you run into trying to use the FI relay, is how to active the 
ground side of the relay. On the FI system, the ECU activates the ground 
for the fuel pump. Since you're using carbs, the ECU doesn't "exist" to do 
this. I suppose it's possible to use the oil pressure switch to send a signal 
to ground the relay, but it'll be a lot of work to do this.

It'd be quicker and easier to pull power from the fuse box (key on only), 
then run a section of wire into and out of an impact switch, then down to 
the pump. Connect the ground wire out of the pump to a shift tube access 
plate bolt. Some guys get creative and make a pump mount that uses the 
plate cover mounting screws to hold the bracket or the new pump. Like I 
said, I just zip tied mine onto the beam.

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Thanks all for the responses. I will definitely install an impact switch if
I end up doing the wiring separately/myself (great tip, Jim!) but I still
have a likely dumb question about the original wiring. If that wiring and
relay (however it is relayed) was sufficient to power the FI pump, shouldn't
it just be as simple as plugging those same wires onto the new pump and
turning the key?  One of my memories of growing up in the square was the
sound of the pump when Momz would turn the key to the first position. =)








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