[T3] Capacitive Discharge Ignitions

Soren Jacobsen snj at blef.org
Fri Apr 5 20:15:58 PDT 2019

> On Mar 31, 2019, at 1:10 PM, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> Since about 1966, I've been a supporter and user of the Capacitive 
> Discharge Ignitions (CDIs) that were designed and sold by Delta in 
> Colorado, either as kits or preassembled. Those were sold under the names 
> Delta Mark 10, Mark 10 B, and Mark 10 C. Delta also sold them thru Radio 
> Shack (ArcherKit), Allied Radio (Knightkit), and Heath (Heathkit.) These 
> were all Delta designs with the only difference being the sticker on the case. 
> They are all the same quality.
> Early Delta Mark 10s were available in both 6 V and 12 V versions, for either 
> positive or negative ground. All the ones I've ever had were for 12 V, 
> negative ground, but I've seen a postive ground version on ebay.

I scored a 6V Delta CDI not too long ago.  It was sold to me as working, but you know how those things go ;)

Haven't had the courage/motivation to install and test it yet, though.  It's tough when your car runs perfectly well already -- I just wanted it for prolonging point/plug life.  I forget, where do you prefer to install CDIs?


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