[T3] Capacitive Discharge Ignitions

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
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Need to remember too that there's 400V on the coil terminals,
mighty nasty wakeup call if you forget...


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Jim -

In previous discussions with you, you didn't mention in your recent post, 2
other issues.

1.)  Physical location of the C.D.I. hardware.  Since you told me that the
hardware is NOT waterproof, the "box", though small, can't be mounted under
the engine cover.  It must be located in the dry cargo area.

That may present a (minor) consideration with wires, when tipping the rear
seat back upright and down flat and loading cargo in the Squareback.  Maybe
the Fastback & Notchback, too.

2.)  I believe you told me that the C.D.I. box also emits a high-pitch tone.

In my case & and as I age, that becomes less of a problem. My
Orthlaryngologist tells me my ability to hear high frequency tones are
disappering, anyway.  :-)

The benefits of installing a C.D.I. system probably outweighs the

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