[T3] test drive postponement: lingering CB breather issue also addressed

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Wed Apr 10 15:04:29 PDT 2019

HI All,


While studying my 2005 build (well, not MY build, but I paid for it ;)
configuration more closely considering the fact that the lack/loss of my
phenolic spacers did not inspire confidence, I started thinking about the
issue I have been having with my CB Performance breather, which has been
dumping oil into my air cleaner for about as long as I have been vapor
locking, more quickly fouling the rare paper elements and getting lots of
oil in the carbs. It never caused a drivability problem, but does create a
bit of a mess. The fact that the builder initially came back with a T1 oil
filler installed (?!) should have been a red flag, but his reviews were
excellent, so I trusted the job was done right after that was swapped out
for the CB T3 unit. 


So, in looking at the way the plumbing was done, I noticed that the "high"
side (which has a foam, restrictor) is plumbed to the oil return, while the
low side (without restriction of any kind, and a straight shot) pulls to the
air cleaner. Basically ass-backwards. So I am going to swap these while
waiting for new foam from CB (the existing one flattened under spring
pressure) and the gland nut tool, which I also need since there is a slight
leak at the base and I don't want o damage the nut with the
screwdriver/hammer approach.


Anyway, test drive will probably happen tomorrow or Friday, but the bright
side is looking forward to a vaporlockless, oil pukingless Invasion! =)




PS After getting lucky several times locating the replacement air filters
for the Brazilian dual carb air cleaner (originally Logan CFA-018-P; also
Berg GB498D and VW/Audi 041.129.619.1) I am down to my last filter, and am
having no luck tracking more down domestically. I have heard numberless
rumors that some year Pinto filters work as well as a Rover/Mini (this was
on a Samba threat Russ chimed in on from 2009
https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3731592 ) and it seems
like they can be acquired from Brazil (
c-original-vw-motor-1600-c-detalhe-_JM?quantity=1 ) but I have not tried
those alternative suggestions yet and have never ordered anything online
from Brazil. Might be time to bust out the old oil bath and call it a good
run while it lasted (?). Hmmm.  

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