[T3] K&N replacement for Brazilian paper filter

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Wed Apr 10 16:11:04 PDT 2019

Re. the search for a replacement paper element for my Brazilian dual-carb
air cleaner, the Rover-Mini tip led me to this K&N equivalent, which has
dimensions that are extremely close where critical (height) and close enough
where less critical (internal and external diameter):




Height: K&N/56mm vs Logan/54mm 

Internal diameter: K&N/156mm vs Logan/146mm (10mm larger diameter works fine

Outer diameter K&N 187mm vs Logan 198mm (~10mm smaller diameter should be
fine here as well)


If it works I will append this to the Samba thread. More soon! (otw/ with
Amazon 1-day shipping :)



68 Square

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