[T3] Witness Squareback

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Fri Aug 2 17:51:09 PDT 2019

Hmm, it's going to be a dilemma for someone = fix it up to drive, but lose
the authenticity, or leave it as a museum exhibit.
It was nice to see it at the Hershey Invasion.

At the Amsterdam Type 3 meeting in about 1996, the German club brought a
sectioned Type 3. All parts of it had been cut open and the holes ringed
with red paint.  I don't know if that was borrowed from VW, but it may well
have been.

Some years later, a Type 3 chassis from the UK Motor Show that showed the
auto trans installation, became available, but it was eventually taken apart
for people's project cars, so made quite a few owners happy.  The trouble
is, we don't have museums to display this sort of exhibit.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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Hey, did anyone else see that Witness squareback sold on eBay for $4400 last
night?   -Bill. 

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